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5 SMS Campaigns to Send in April

While April is known as the infamous April Fool month, for businesses it is a month where they focus on bigger goals, reflects on their previous financial year and make further amendments to their business goals.

If connecting with your customer and keeping them engaged is one of the goals that you have incorporated into your business then this blog is designed for you. We will give you 5 SMS campaigns that you can send to your customers this April.

April Fool’s Day| 1st April

This is the most famous day in the month of April when most people are pranked. Similarly, customers most likely expect a prank from their loved brands to make them laugh out loud. On this day, the goal of any brand should focus on providing its customers with those tickles.

Here is an example that you can use for your campaigns:

Name of the store: Hi! You are selected for the job role.

APRIL FOOLS! Now that we have your attention, it's time for you to suit up!

Introducing our new hand-made formals for your comfort.

Tap to get a SPECIAL REWARD. Valid for first 200 only.
{Insert Link}

{Name of Store}: Hi, are you HUNGRY?

We got you!

Use this SPECIAL CODE "1FOOLED" to avail 15% off on your next meal.

Click now!
{Insert Link}

National Beer Day| 7th April

Say “Cheers” before you drink because this is National Beer Day and alcohol brands can celebrate with customers on Santhe SMS.

You don’t have to sell beer in order to send messages on this day. Multiple perspectives can be used by brands to say “Cheers”.

Here is a classic example you can use for your campaigns:

{Name of Store}: Hi,

Grab a bottle of beer and say "CHEERS" for GOODLUCK!

Happy National Beer Day! It's time to celebrate!

Use the code "BEER" for 35% discount.
{Insert Link}

Ends soon as we are off to get a drink! Cheers!

{Name of Store}: Hi want to party tonight?

Happy National Beer Day! It's time to glam-up with these cosmetics for the party.

Buy any product for $50. Valid for 24 hours only!
{Insert Link}

National Pet’s Day| 11th April

This is one of the most emotional days for a customer and businesses can help by sending customized SMS goodies for their furry friends.

According to research, 70% of U.S. households—or about 90.5 million families—own a pet, according to the 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). This is a mind-blowing stat!

If you are looking to connect pet owners, there could be no better day than this.

Here is how you can engage them on this auspicious day:

{Name of Store}: Hi, keeping your buddy away from ticks makes him happy!

Happy National Pet's Day! On this day, send a photo of your furry buddy to {insert email id} to redeem 25% off on your next purchase.

We will pick a winner and send a COUPON CODE via SMS. Goodluck!

{Name of Store}: Hi, summer's here! It's TRIM DAY for your buddy.

Happy National Pet's Day! Beat the heat in style.

20% discount on every service. The offer ends today. Book now!
{Insert Link}

Get to Know Your Customers Day| 21st April

Imagine that you have to constantly listen to a lecture without any discussion. Doesn’t it sound boring already?

Communication is a two-way process and this day can help your business spark that with customers. SMS sparks conversations. Unlike most other marketing channels, SMS enables (and encourages) a back-and-forth conversation. You can use this day to understand their preferences, and products that they love and gauge their buying habits as well. Keeping the questions open-ended can keep your communication flowing.

You can exhibit value to customers by offering them a discount coupon or coupon code if they respond.

{Name of Store}: Hi,

Do you have any feedback on your recent order?

Do revert to {insert Email id}. We are launching similar products hence your feedback is key to deliver quality service.

Earth Day| 22nd April

Go green on this day and you can increase your brand awareness by contributing in eco-friendly ways. You can show all the sustainable practices that your brand follows for a better tomorrow.

If your brand uses eco-friendly items then this day is a perfect one to send in those SMS campaigns to your customers.

{Name of Store}: Hi

Happy Earth Day! GO GREEN with our herbal skin products.

On this day avail 25% discount on every order. Get yours now!
{Insert Link}

{Name of Store}: We have done our bit of saving EARTH.

Happy Earth Day! GO GREEN and choose to be eco-friendly.

Click on the link to view our contribution!
{Insert Link}

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