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Released! An all new version of Santhe SMS for your Wix Store

We started building Santhe in the month of Feb 2022 and since then we have 5000 Wix stores onboard. Now we are deepening our commitment to serve business by building out a new version of the app and also integrating with Shopify.

New and intuitive UI : All new UI that is intuitive. We started out with a goal to build a simple SMS app that can be used by Wix eCommerce stores and Wix Bookings for customers all across the world.

A dedicated 10DLC Phone Number: A 10DLC number is a standard 10-digit phone number (ex. 415-234-5618) dedicated just for your store that supports the high volume messaging throughput of upto 2000 messages a day required for business use cases. The advantage of a dedicated 10DLC, is that it improves messaging deliverability and throughput ensuring all your SMS's are delivered.

Create contact lists: Build a subscriber list that is verified and engaged, increasing potential ROI while decreasing sending spend. A contact list can contain anyone who has subscribed to join the list and will only grow or shrink as people either subscribe or unsubscribe. Now, as a store owner, you now have the ability to filter and create multiple lists with all your active profiles, who have consented to receive your marketing communication.

Ability to create workflows to keep your customers in the loop: SMS automations that can use data from Wix eCommerce and Wix Bookings to send various flows like back in stock alerts, order received, abandoned cart or shipping confirmation, booking updates and reminders.

Automated SMS workflows to send an SMS when a cart is abandoned or a booking reminder has to be sent

Collect Opt-in via a form & text messages: Use your opt-in text message to confirm that your recipient wants to receive SMS notifications from you. This will help you ensure the customer entered their phone number correctly, that you're compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and avoid a hefty fine for texting without permission.

"Welcome to [Brand]! Reply 'YES' to confirm your subscription and start getting special offers every week. Msg & data rates may apply. Text 'STOP' to opt out."
SMS Opt-in popup for wix eCommerce, wix Bookings, wix Forms

Handles Opt-Outs for Different Number Types: By default, Twilio handles standard English-language reply messages such as STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, or QUIT for toll-free and long code messages, in accordance with industry standards. Supported opt-out and opt-in keywords for Twilio Programmable Messaging are listed below.

Remember, it's not all about conversions—SMS marketing also sparks conversations. Unlike most other marketing channels, SMS enables (and encourages) a back-and-forth conversation. When your customer sees a promotional message, they can ask follow-up questions.

"Does this apply to your clearance section?" "How long do I have to return the item?" "Does this fit true to size?"

This exchange allows you to market your products and services further and seal the deal. Launch a campaign to your SMS marketing list with Santhe SMS.

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