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What if? We told you that could sell coffee via SMS?

As a coffee store owner, you know the importance of finding innovative ways to increase sales and engaging customers. Enter Santhe, a shopify app that enables you to sell your tantalizing coffee blends and specialty products effortlessly through SMS, eliminating the need for a traditional checkout process or a subscription commitment.

How does it work?

Santhe Text To Buy For Coffee Roasters
Text To Buy For Coffee Roasters

How can Santhe help you as a coffee brand ?

  • SMS Marketing:

  1. Effective marketing campaigns are vital for the success of your coffee store. With Santhe you can automate marketing messages, notifications, and time-sensitive reminders. Keep your customers informed about limited-time promotions, new coffee blends, and special events through SMS. By leveraging the immediacy and urgency of SMS, you can generate excitement, drive sales, and encourage repeat purchases.

  • Transactional SMS Updates:

  1. Order Confirmations and Updates: When a customer places an order for their favorite coffee blend or merchandise, receiving a prompt confirmation instills confidence and reassurance. Transactional SMS allows you as a coffee brand to instantly send order confirmations, including details such as order number, item description, quantity, and delivery address. Additionally, brands can leverage transactional SMS to provide updates on the order status, ensuring customers stay informed throughout the fulfillment process.

  2. Delivery Notifications: Timely and accurate delivery updates are crucial for customer satisfaction. Transactional SMS enables coffee brands to keep customers informed about the progress of their delivery, including estimated arrival times or tracking information. This proactive communication reduces customer anxiety, enhances the overall customer experience, and demonstrates a commitment to reliable service.

  3. Payment Notifications: Successful payment processing is a significant milestone in any transaction. Transactional SMS allows coffee brands to notify customers about the successful completion of their payment, providing a sense of security and ensuring transparency. Additionally, these messages can include receipts or links to invoices, enabling customers to keep track of their purchases and facilitate record-keeping.

  • Native text-to-buy integration

  1. A Simplified Ordering Process via SMS with Card On File: Streamline the ordering process, making it convenient for customers to place their coffee orders. With a simple sms, customers can request their favorite blends, select pick-up or delivery options, and provide any specific instructions. By eliminating the need for complicated online forms or lengthy phone calls, Santhe makes ordering a breeze, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

By integrating Santhe SMS into your store, you can foster customer loyalty and drive repeat business. The personalized and convenient nature of SMS communication keeps your coffee store top of mind for customers. They'll appreciate the ease of ordering and the personalized attention received, making them more likely to return for future purchases. Furthermore, Santhe allows you to send exclusive offers and rewards to your loyal customers, further incentivizing their continued patronage.

Here's how a customer would interact with your store.

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