Configure : Whatsapp Customer Opt In for Wix Store

Add store policy.

  • Click the Settings tab in your site's dashboard. 

  • Click Store checkout in the eCommerce & Finance section.

  • In the Checkout policies section, select the policies you want to display.

  • Enter the policy text.

  • Create a custom policy :

    • Click + Create Your Own Custom Policy.

    • Enter a policy name : Receive updates on Whatsapp.

    • Enter the policy text : I would like to receive order & shipping updates over Whatspp.

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 1.07.32 PM.png

Display Store Policies

Display store policies on your checkout page so customers know what to expect. Store policies appear: 

  • As clickable links in the footer of your checkout page

  • (Optional) Next to a policy checkbox that customers must agree to before checking out

Store Policy.png

Adding a Policy Checkbox

You can add a policy checkbox that your guests see during checkout. Guests must agree to your policies to complete a purchase. Policies you created appear next to the checkbox, except for custom policies.


To add a policy checkbox:

  • Click the Settings tab in your site's dashboard. 

  • Click Store policies in the eCommerce & Finance section.

  • Scroll down to the Policy Agreement Checkbox section. 

Policy Checkbox.png
  1. Click the Policy checkbox toggle to enable it

  2. Select a Checked by Default setting:

    • Selected: The checkbox is already checked on the Checkout Page.  

    • Deselected: Customers need to select the checkbox to check out.