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Make it Easy to Buy with SMS

Start sending offers, user replies back and complete the order all from the SMS inbox. 

3 Simple Steps

3 Steps for text to buy

We take every phone number and turn it into a card on file. Once you have the customer’s phone number, you can sell by simply sending one text.

How does it work ?

1. Onboarding Users

Text new users with a easy and secure onboarding link. They only need to enter their payment details once. Their phone number is now their payment method.

2. Send Campaign

Text offers to your customers or use our social links to get buyers to text you. Sync your products, and start sending offers and creating automated flows.

3. Customer Replies

Your Subscribers reply Yes or with Qty to purchase by text. Repeat customers simply reply Yes to buy, increasing your sales and delivering higher lifetime values.

4. Orders Fulfilled

Orders are processing in the cloud, inventory reconciled and put in your ecommerce system for fulfillment. We push the order to your Shopify or Wix store.

Frictionless checkout and ordering through text messages. Own your audience, drive revenue, increase order frequency and AOV.

Text To Buy

Text To Buy. Shop with SMS. No Checkout

Consumers don't want subscriptions, but merchants need the LTV. It's a poor CX, but brings in the $.

No-Subscription SMS App

During checkout offer 5% discount to subscribe to **reminders**. Simple toggle. Then let them set frequency with dropdown.

Send an SMS: repeat last order. Repeat and confirm. No checkout.

Charge their stored card and push order  confirmation to Shopify or Wix

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