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The Answers You Need 

For SMS consent to fully apply, you need express consent. This means that a subscriber must know exactly what they are opting into. Simply giving you their phone number — or email — is not enough.

Wherever you are collecting SMS consent, you must display language clearly stating that individuals who sign up for SMS are consenting to receive text messages from your business. SMS consent laws are strict, and not providing this type of disclaimer can result in fines. Note that the text must mention SMS; saying that the subscriber is agreeing to receive marketing messages in a general sense is not enough.

You can only collect SMS consent in certain countries. 

In addition, you need to update any relevant legal documents, notably your terms of service and privacy policy, to detail how SMS consent will be handled.

Double opt-in is recommended for lists with SMS subscribers, as some mobile carriers require it if you are using SMS in your abandoned cart flows. (If you want to add SMS subscribers to a list that has double opt-in enabled, you must have first set up SMS. Otherwise, someone who subscribes will never receive the text that allows them to confirm their consent.) 

What Counts as SMS Consent?

There are several options for collecting or syncing consent into Wix:

  • Wix Lightbox, which you can use to target new and email-only subscribers

  • Click-to-text forms (coming soon)

  • Email banners (coming soon)

Methods for Collecting SMS Consent in Wix.

  • Click Add on the left side of the Editor.

  • Click Interactive.

  • Select the subscribe lightbox category.

  • Drag a lightbox element on to your page. 

How To add a lightbox?

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